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Our Sunroom for Your Event

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Host your Bridal Shower, Baby Shower, Birthday Party or Event in our Sunroom at The Dish Restaurant! The Sunroom has a $30 rental fee.  You have to purchase all food, drink and desserts from The Dish Restaurant.  The sunroom holds about 30-40 people.


Extend your party to our outdoor patio! We can add a white tent that will cover the patio area and add heaters, if needed. This will allow you to have up to 100 people. Catering required. 

The cost to add a tent is $150 for set up and tear down. (We will do that for you, of course.)



Add a message to our corner LED for a personalized touch for only $50. Can be set for a specific date and time. Must have message at least a week before for programming and uploading time. 

The Sunroom at The Dish


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