Dish Patio

Our Restaurant

Our ultimate goal while planning was to quickly serve made-to-order gourmet food in about five minutes or less.  

“We’ve always been quality and speed-conscious, so we thought let’s roll that into a restaurant,” Jim Willkomm said.  We didn’t want typical fast food, he said.  Everything is homemade, quality foods from the soups and salads to the paninis and sandwiches.  The signature thin crust pizzas are baked to perfection in a stone hearth oven.

Guests are invited to enjoy the spacious dining space (adult beverages available) or choose to have tantalizing food to go at the Drive-Thru window!




Pasta, Pizza, Paninis and Sandwiches are cornerstone items on our menu, seasoned with pleasant surprises and daily specials along the way!  We like to tweak our ever-growing menu with new dishes and old-time traditional favorites like the Wisconsin Fish Fry - now served EVERY DAY!

Dish Fish Fry